Master’s curriculum

Registration fee and scholarships

The registration fee is set at € 1,900.00.

10 Merit-based scholarships will be awarded. The award criteria will be the subject of specific regulations.


Vicenza Conservatory of Music


Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza and Polo Universitario di Feltre (BL). Possibility to carry out internships or placements at inter-institutional training institutions (Consortium of Conservatories of Veneto), higher education institutes, etc.
artistic training or production bodies with specific activities in the Renaissance field.

Start of lessons

Springtime 2023

Final title and certifications

The issuing of the final qualification and of certificates attesting profit is in any case subject to verification of the acquisition of the relevant skills. Certificates of mere attendance at Master's courses are not accepted.
The Master's student may be awarded training credits on the basis of teaching and/or instrumental activities carried out before the Master's and not included in the admission qualification, up to a maximum of 6 training credits.

The final qualification will be awarded with a mark in hundredths according to the rules contained in the Didactic Regulations of the Conservatorio di Vicenza and


Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza 'Arrigo Pedrollo' -

One-year Master’s degree in



The Master’s course aims to provide professional musicians in the performance and conducting of the Renaissance repertoire. The programme of studies, of theoretical-practical nature, will allow the acquisition of philological, historical and performing skills, in close disciplinary interrelation, which allow a thorough recognition of the sources and a conscious performing approach to the repertoire.

The Board of the Master is composed as follows: Stefano Lorenzetti, director of the Conservatory of Music of Vicenza; Philippe Canguilhem (Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance - University of Tours); Piervito Malusà (Città di Feltre).