Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, students, faculty and staff of the Conservatory of Vicenza can gain experience and skills through courses of study, teaching and training abroad. The Erasmus+ experience is to be considered not only an enrichment of the transfer of knowledge but also a stimulus for learning to live with people from different cultures, as well as an excellent opportunity for students to discover their personal autonomy. 

VoxEarlyMus. The Early Music Department of the Conservatory of Vicenza is one of five European conservatories participating in the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Partnership programme “VoxEarlyMus”. The project was approved by the European Union in 2015 and will actively involve more than 90 students, 36 teachers and experts from five European conservatories and professional institutions (National University of Music Bucharest, the Royal Conservatory Den Haag, "Joseph Haydn" Konservatorium Eisenstadt, "Arrigo Boito" Conservatory of Parma, "Arrigo Pedrollo" Conservatory of Vicenza).
Each year for 3 years the Early Music Department will select 6 or more students to participate in intensive meetings lasting 8-10 days (one intensive meeting a year) during which students will participate in rehearsals and courses with their international colleagues for the preparation of concerts and other intellectual output. In addition, the project will include research activity, the development of a joint study curriculum, and publications (DVD, Handbook, Webmedia). 

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